China: the world’s 4th largest mining hub abruptly stops

In the dark. In China, the world’s fourth largest mining hub has just seen its electricity supply cut. Did this have an influence on Bitcoin’s hashrate (BTC)? And what could this say for Chinese mining?

China cuts power to Yunnan mining farms

The news was reported yesterday by several local media. It seems that the government has decided to stop providing electricity to mining farms , according to information from Wu Blockchain:

“Several miners explained to Wu that in Baoshan, Yunnan, where Financial Peak mines are located, a ban was put in place on November 30. She asks power stations to stop providing energy to the miners. Yunnan is China’s third largest mining hub, after Sichuan and Xinjiang. “

As the local media point out, this power cut should not necessarily be interpreted as a comprehensive policy on the part of China. The government changes its attitude regularly with regard to electricity suppliers. Wu Blockchain explains that this is a change driven by economic interests , not political pressure.

Bitcoin’s hashrate on the decline

Still, the average hashrate of the Bitcoin network fell yesterday, if CoinWarz data is to be believed. However, it seems that it has already started to rise again:

The news is certainly not entirely surprising: the province of Yunnan has already shown some hostility towards Bitcoin miners settled in the region. In June, 64 mining farms had to close their doors because they did not have the government’s sesame. However, it is still the 4th largest mining hub in the world, behind Inner Mongolia.

Hostility from the Yunnan government does not yet threaten China’s mining hegemony – the country still holds 65% of Bitcoin’s hashrate . But the difficulties experienced by local miners could allow new regions to emerge in the years to come.

Bitcoin approaches $18,000 as Trump threatens to attack Iran

U.S. brakes and counterweights are being tested, as Trump has no legitimacy to undertake any meaningful action now as a transitional president, especially as it must facilitate a smooth transition of power rather than knock on the doors of hell.

Today Bitcoin Era valued over $1,000 and was traded for $17,800. Many reasons were pointed out for the price movement and news about Trump’s possible actions in his last two months of government were considered by some people.

The American media is full of speculation about what Trump intends to do about Israel. The Jerusalem Post website stated that „it is likely that the US and Israel have a letter up their sleeve that cannot be mentioned“.

Then it said: „Israel is encouraging Trump to take action to reduce the Iranian threat“.
„Trump can help Israel against Iran in recent months“.

The New York Times said today that Trump considered exactly this last Thursday. Apparently, the authorities convinced him otherwise, but Israel now wants B-52 bombers to do the job themselves.
„Trump sought options to attack Iran to stop its growing nuclear program.
„Trump sought options to attack Iran to stop its growing nuclear program“

„Any US attack against Iran will have an overwhelming response,“ said Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei.
Trump knocking at the gates of hell?

Earlier this year Iran said it would destroy the city of Tel Aviv and Dubai if any action was taken against the country, and „accidentally“ brought down a plane to prove this.

At the time, Putin went to Damascus, indicating that any conflict would probably get very complicated.

China could also get involved, as all of this is very close to the European mainland, which means more waves of potential refugees. Europe, for its part, is explicitly against any war and wants the U.S. to return to the agreement they signed, something that President-elect Joe Biden supports.

Some suggest, however, that Trump is doing everything possible to hamper this agreement, while others argue that it is only giving Biden a stronger negotiating position.

For some, all this is just a strategy of Trump to distract himself from his defeat in the election and maybe even try to keep the power by arming some war. He still hasn’t recognized Biden’s victory, even though he was defeated by about 6 million votes and about 36 electoral votes.

Trump goes on to say that he won the election, showing the world his bizarre and worrying side combined with a threat of war. Needless to say, Trump has no mandate for such a war. He was elected in 2016 precisely because he promised to end any war.

Which means the U.S. brakes and counterweights are being tested, since Trump undoubtedly has no legitimacy to undertake any meaningful action now as a transitional president, especially since he must facilitate a smooth transition of power rather than knock on the doors of hell.

Russia would probably not allow Americans access to the Caspian Sea, and it is difficult to say whether Tehran or Tel Aviv would be occupied in case of war, especially with a lame duck president and an Israeli prime minister hated by his people.

Any such act would further enrage the American population, which already faces the most disaffected generation in a century, precisely because of the arrogant waste of its resources.

Bitcoin has many reasons to rise

This whole Iranian issue that was speculated today in the bitcoin community was just another excuse for the rise of the digital currency.

It is true that Bitcoin has many reasons to rise, including the Central Bank (FED) starting a mass vilification, but now there is a bit more uncertainty and, if there is a war, many would say that this would be Bitcoin’s first war.

Earn bitcoin by building the Lightning Network? The Lightning Pool is coming, and it’s pretty crazy!

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Discover “Satoshi farming” – Yields and DeFi are not the preserve of the Ethereum network alone.

Bitcoin is also doing it via its Lightning Network (LN) . The Lightning Pool will thus make it possible to both improve liquidity on the LN network, while encouraging node operators to sell payment channels.

A liquidity market on the Lightning Network

Via a publication by its engineer and developer Ryan Gentry , the company Lightning Labs has just revealed the creation of the Lightning Pool .

The latter is intended as a marketplace where it will be possible to earn rewards by selling access to liquidity on the Bitcoin lightning network.

“The Lightning Pool makes it easier to accept payments instantly on Lightning and opens up the new possibility of earning a return on bitcoin by selling access to cash on Lightning. “ – Ryan Gentry

This over-the-counter (P2P) market allows LN node operators to buy and sell payment channels .

A Bitcoin version DeFi

Like decentralized finance on Ethereum, the Lightning Pool allows its users to earn a return on their BTC capital while maintaining control over their funds.

“(…) Node operators can now be paid to open new [payment] channels and provide inbound liquidity. This opens the door to new sources of revenue for leasing cash and deploying capital on the Lightning Network. “ – Ryan Gentry

The alpha version of the Lightning Pool is available to everyone now, so it can be tested to earn real bitcoin returns. Be careful though! The interface remains for the moment still in command line (CLI) and will therefore not be easy to learn.

This incentive to create new channels and liquidity on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is a great initiative on the part of Lightning Labs. Let us hope that the Lightning Pool will develop quickly, in order to be accessible to as many people as possible and to be able to earn a few satoshis with a decentralized return (without intermediary) !

Bitcoin heeft zojuist het grootste koopsignaal in meer dan twee jaar gepost, zegt topcrypto-analist Nicholas Merten – Dit is wat nu

DataDash-oprichter en crypto-analist Nicholas Merten zegt dat Bitcoin Method zojuist het grootste koopsignaal in meer dan 24 maanden heeft laten zien.

In een nieuwe DataDash-video legt Merten uit waarom de wekelijkse afsluiting van Bitcoin boven $ 13.000 een historische mijlpaal is voor de grootste cryptocurrency

„Gisteren hebben we de hoogste wekelijkse afsluiting vastgesteld, wat opnieuw de aanzienlijke prijs is waar mensen op focussen, de hoogste wekelijkse afsluiting sinds de hele weg terug hier midden januari 2018. [Het was] meer dan twee en een een half jaar geleden dat we op dit punt zijn … Dus dit is echt heel opwindend spul. “

Met de context in termen van vastgestelde prijs, benadrukt de cryptostrateeg waarom de recente wekelijkse sluiting een sterk bullish signaal is

„De reden waarom dit technisch gezien buitengewoon waardevol is, veel verder dan de waarde van enige indicator die u in uw grafieken zou kunnen gebruiken, is omdat dit gedurende een lange periode een belangrijk weerstandspunt voor Bitcoin is geweest, ergens tussen het bovenste bereik van $ 11.000. hier terug in februari 2018, hier in juli en juni 2019 en ook hier in augustus 2020. Het is meestal zo dat dit bereik tussen het bovenste bereik van $ 11.000 tot $ 13.000 meerdere keren een betwist weerstandsbereik is geweest voor Bitcoin.

Terwijl de prijzen probeerden terug te keren naar die $ 20.000 hoogtepunten die we in december 2017 zagen, had de prijs moeite om binnen dat bereik te blijven en in feite werd het elke keer dat het in dit bereik kwam snel verkocht door mensen die Bitcoin hadden gekocht en namen uiteindelijk winst op hun posities, waar de druk aan de verkoopzijde zwaarder begon te wegen dan de kopers. Deze keer is er niet echt veel druk op de verkoopzijde. Dat is de belangrijkste factor hier: hoe [de] prijs houdt. „

Muziekberoemdheid Murda Beatz grijpt Bitcoin, mogelijk gedreven door Pomp’s tweets

Grammy Award-winnende muziekproducent, DJ en songwriter Murda Beatz heeft getweet dat hij nu eigenaar is van Bitcoin; het zou het resultaat kunnen zijn van de tweets van Anthony Pompliano
Muziekberoemdheid Murda Beatz grijpt Bitcoin, mogelijk gedreven door Pomp’s tweets
Omslagfoto via

Murda Beatz betreedt Bitcoin

Murda Beatz (wiens echte naam Shane Lee Lindstrom is) heeft op Twitter aangekondigd dat hij Bitcoin heeft verworven en daarmee opnieuw een millennial wordt die de regel bewijst dat zijn generatie de voorkeur geeft aan cryptocurrencies als investeringsinstrument.

Murda Beatz betreedt Bitcoin

Eerder vandaag tweette de Canadese ster uit de muziekindustrie Murda Beatz dat hij Bitcoin in handen had gekregen en een nieuwe muziekster in de cryptogemeenschap was geworden. Hij werd geboren in 1996 en is daarmee 26 jaar oud.

In zijn tweet tagde Murda Beatz de gerenommeerde Bitcoin-advocaat en financieel expert Anthony Pompliano, wat kan betekenen dat de producent werd beïnvloed door Pomp’s constante tweeten over het vlaggenschip cryptocurrency en zijn populaire podcast.

De cryptogemeenschap gaf Beatz een warm welkom in de commentaarthread onder zijn tweet.

Niet de eerste cryptohouder uit de muziekindustrie

Een paar jaar geleden toonden ook andere muziekberoemdheden interesse in cryptocurrencies – Monero in het bijzonder. In 2017 accepteerden sommige beroemdheden XMR voor hun albums en merchandise tijdens de feestdagen.

Onder hen waren Morrissey, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Roger Waters, Slayer, Bush, Scorpions en anderen.

A survey reveals that most people do not understand crypto currencies

Those in the crypto space believe that the industry is risky, but they think they know how to counteract that uncertainty.

In collaboration with YouGov, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), a survey was conducted on the authorities‘ perception of the crypto currency industry.

The RUSI-ACAMS Cryptomoney Risk and Compliance Survey provides unprecedented information on how governments, the cryptomoney industry, traditional financial institutions and others view the use of cryptomoney, including its inherent risks and the strength of compliance controls within the cryptomoney sector,“ the survey said.

The project questioned authorities around the world, and ultimately received 566 different perceptions. The survey revealed a number of findings, including disagreement over the safety of crypto use. The main entities surveyed see the asset class as risky. The cryptomoney industry participants surveyed also view the asset class as risky, but felt they possessed the knowledge, skills and tools to reduce potential threats to a benign level, according to their survey responses. This included industry participants who were knowledgeable about anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing procedures.

The survey mentioned the concerns of both camps on the issue of the nefarious use of crypts, in anticipation of further guidance and regulation. „While the use of cryptology by criminals only accounts for about 1% of all transactions, it remains an attractive location for those who avoid the traditional financial system,“ the survey said.

The findings also reported:

„Respondents also indicate that despite current scepticism about the role of kryptonews in promoting financial inclusion, there may be more room for it in the future. Respondents predict both a greater role for cryptomoney in everyday payments in the future and a decrease in the use of cryptomoney for illicit activities, especially compared to how it looks now.

Given the large number of attacks and mishaps in recent years, cryptology industry participants must strive to be aware of the risks involved, making preventive measures a key component of the space.

Third 51% attack against Ethereum Classic

As reported Bitfly, mining company that also discovered the first attack on this blockchain, over the weekend the blockchain of Ethereum Classic (ETC) suffered a third attack of 51% within a month.
The attack took place on 29 August 2020 and involved the reorganization of 7000 blocks which is equivalent to about 2 days of mining, so we speak of an attack however serious.

Now, in order to overcome this attack, it will be necessary to remove all the lost blocks with the corresponding ETC balances contained in them.

Even the ETC Cooperative, which aims to grow this blockchain, has asked for the help of all to test and evaluate other solutions to be implemented as soon as possible.

Recall that only a couple of weeks ago, following yet another attack of 51%, the OKEx exchange suffered a major loss because those who had undermined the ETCs involved in the attack had managed to liquidate them in the exchange with an effect to the detriment of OKEx. Despite this, the exchange has decided not to delist the token but will enhance its platform.

Solutions against attacks by 51%

Certainly does not represent a favorable month for this Bitcoin Rush, although in the meantime has passed without problems his third fork and has recently been the fourth anniversary since its birth.

This positivity, however, could soon change since, as many think, it is time to implement a new type of algorithm to avoid new attacks of 51%.

One of the solutions would be to change the type of algorithm in use, currently at PoW (Proof of Work), or add another that can withstand a sudden increase in power, so as to adjust automatically and not allow anyone to have a disproportionate advantage.

In any case, despite the attack happened a couple of days ago, the price of the asset has not collapsed as you would expect in these cases, and this shows that the market has not worried at all about what happened.

ETC is currently trading at around $6.50.

Dit op Ottawa gebaseerde grafische softwarebedrijf houdt nu Bitcoin als een reserve-activum.

Nog niet zo lang geleden vernamen we dat de miljarden-dollar financiële dienstverlener MicroStrategy had besloten om de helft van zijn voorraad reservegeld over te hevelen naar Bitcoin. Nu heeft een ander veelbelovend nieuw bedrijf besloten om zijn kasreserve te ruilen voor Bitcoin.

Snappa, het grafische softwarebedrijf uit Ottawa, heeft aangekondigd dat het ook een groot deel van zijn kasreserve naar Bitcoin zal verplaatsen.

Medeoprichter Chris Gimmer heeft een uitleg over de nieuwe filosofie van het bedrijf op zijn website geplaatst.

Gimmer begon zijn adres met één vraag. „Wilt u liever geld besparen in een valuta waarvan het aanbod elk jaar opblaast? Of spaart u liever in een valuta waarvan het aanbod programmatisch vastligt?

Hij legde verder uit dat onzekere omstandigheden over de hele wereld kunnen leiden tot een devaluatie van fiatgeld. Hij uitte ook zijn ongenoegen over de spaarrekening van Snappa nadat de bank hun rente tot 0,45 procent had verlaagd. Hij legde uit dat het op deze manier aanhouden van contant geld de waarde van hun bezittingen in de loop van de tijd juist zou doen dalen ten opzichte van de inflatie.

In zijn misvatting zorgde Gimmer ervoor om ook Bitcoin Evolution van goud te onderscheiden. Hij legde uit dat Bitcoin voor Snappa op dit moment meer een verstandige keuze was dan goud vanwege de functionaliteit.

Hij stelt dat Bitcoin goud heeft verslagen op het gebied van fungibiliteit, controleerbaarheid en deelbaarheid. En hoewel de lange geschiedenis van goud bewijst dat het een goede waardeopslag is, biedt de bloei van Bitcoin veel mogelijkheden voor groei.

„Bitcoin bestaat pas 11 jaar en bevindt zich nog steeds in het prille begin van een betrouwbare waardeketen. Dit kan echter worden gezien als een kans, omdat het toekomstige potentieel van Bitcoin nog niet is ingeprijsd.

Hij vertelde Coindesk ook dat bijna de helft van hun huidige kasreserves nu in Bitcoin zitten, maar dat ze van plan zijn om meer te blijven opbouwen.

„We zijn nog steeds bezig met het verzamelen van munten, en we zijn niet van plan om ze binnenkort te verkopen,“ vertelde Gimmer aan CoinDesk. „Als we gelijk hebben over waar de bitcoin naartoe gaat, kan onze toewijzing erg hoog worden.“

De mede-oprichter van Morgan Creek Digital en bekende Bitcoin beïnvloeder, Anthony Pompliano heeft de nieuwe beweging naar de bitcoin sector opgemerkt.

„Hier is het derde bedrijf dat ik ken van de keuze om hun reserves om te zetten van dollars naar Bitcoin.

Ik geloof nog steeds niet dat dit een populaire trend zal worden voor een tijdje, maar het proefschrift dat is opgesteld toont een ongelooflijke macro-ervaring aan“.

Hoewel deze bedrijven misschien geen bekendheid hebben, is het toch veelzeggend dat concurrerende bedrijven Bitcoin beginnen te waarderen en het zelfs als noodzakelijk beschouwen.

Bitcoin SV, Monero, BAT Analisi dei prezzi: 5 agosto

Gettoni come Bitcoin SV, Monero e BAT token hanno continuato ad abitare in movimento laterale dopo la svalutazione del 1° agosto. Con la fase di consolidamento che si estende oltre le 48 ore, l’attesa incombe su se il prossimo breakout sarà rialzista o ribassista. I suddetti altcoin hanno una prospettiva diversa nelle ultime 24 ore, con il token BAT token che testimonia un aumento, a differenza del declino di BSV e Monero.

Bitcoin SV [BSV]

Secondo il grafico a 1 ora, la Bitcoin SV deve ancora recuperare le sue perdite dal suo recente calo, e l’attività è attualmente scambiata vicino alla fascia inferiore dell’enorme declino. È stata osservata una linea di supporto a 218 dollari, con il BSV valutato a 226 dollari al momento della stampa.

Gli indicatori di mercato sono stati neutri/bellici per l’asset con Relative Strength Index o RSI che indica un indice di 50. Anche se c’era neutralità tra la pressione di acquisto e quella di vendita, Parabolic SAR ha suggerito un trend ribassista, poiché le linee tratteggiate sono state osservate sopra i candelabri. Le Bande di Bollinger sembravano convergere, suggerendo un periodo di volatilità ridotta. Bitcoin Era aveva un limite di mercato di 4,18 miliardi di dollari al momento della stampa.

Monero [XMR]

Il 15° classificato Monero è stato meno dirompente nel passato, con un lieve calo dello 0,74%. Il suo volume di scambi ha continuato a scendere sotto gli standard del settore a 81 milioni di dollari, ma l’asset vantava un tetto di mercato di 1,545 miliardi di dollari. Monero è stato valutato a 87 dollari, mantenendo il suo consolidamento tra gli 85 e i 100 dollari.

Anche gli indicatori di mercato sono stati piuttosto divisi, con Chaikin Money Flow o CMF che indicano che gli afflussi e i deflussi di capitale si sono annullati a vicenda al momento della stampa. Con una pressione di acquisto apparentemente in aumento nei grafici, come suggerito dal Relative Strength Index, le Bande di Bollinger hanno continuato ad immaginare un periodo di minore volatilità per la moneta della privacy.

All’inizio del mese scorso, è stato riferito che l’IRS sta forse cercando di de-anonimizzare gettoni della privacy come Monero, Zcash, ecc, per migliorarne la validità e il punto di vista legale.

Gettone di base per l’attenzione [BAT]

Infine, i gettoni BAT hanno sorprendentemente registrato un aumento del 2,55% rispetto al giorno precedente, poiché il suo limite di mercato di 385 milioni di dollari ha accompagnato il suo decente volume di scambi di 131 milioni di dollari. La BAT ha continuato a posizionarsi al 34° posto in classifica.

Ora, nonostante l’andamento positivo dei prezzi, gli indicatori lasciano intravedere un’inversione di tendenza ribassista. MACD, anche se rialzista al momento della stampa, è rimasto in prossimità della linea rossa, suggerendo un’inversione ribassista. Awesome Oscillator ha anche raffigurato l’apparizione di una candela rossa, che indicava l’accumulo di slancio ribassista.

Tuttavia, le Bande di Bollinger sono rimaste parallele l’una all’altra, il che significa che la volatilità potrebbe subire pochi cambiamenti in futuro.

Steve Wozniak saksøker YouTube over pågående bitcoin-svindel

Steve Wozniak saksøker YouTube for å la svindlere bruke navnet hans og likheten i falske bitcoin-gaver.

Ifølge søksmålet , anlagt i Superior Court of the California, har skurker lagt ut videoer på plattformen der de hevder at Wozniak er vertskap for en bitcoin-kampanje.

De overbeviser brukerne om at hvis de sender bitcoin til en oppgitt adresse, vil “Wozniak” returnere det dobbelte av beløpet

„YouTube har omtalt en jevn strøm av svindelvideoer og kampanjer som falske bruker bilder og videoer av saksøker Steve Wozniak og andre kjente tech-gründere, og som har svindlet YouTube-brukere ut av millioner av dollar,“ heter det i klagen.

Søksmålet inkluderer skjermbilder av videoer som reklamerer for “5.000-BTC” og “10.000- Bitcoin Trader” gaver fra Wozniak, som inkluderer bilder av Apple-grunnleggeren. Det ser ut til å være videoer som bruker likheten med andre teknologiledere, inkludert Elon Musk, Bill Gates og finansiell selvhjelpsguru Robert Kiyosaki.

Saksøkerne, som inkluderer Wozniak og 17 andre personer, hevder at YouTube er klar over disse svindelene, men ikke desto mindre ikke har tatt videoene ned

„Til tross for saksøkere og legioner om gjentatte anmodninger fra andre brukere om at YouTube iverksetter rettidig tiltak for å avslutte denne bitcoin-svindelen, utsatte YouTube gjentatte ganger eller nektet å gjøre det,“ lyder søksmålet. „Som et resultat av tiltalte ‚alvorlige unnlatelser av å handle og bekreftende oppførsel i å fremme dette kriminelle foretaket, har saksøker Wozniak lidd og fortsetter å lide, uopprettelig skade på hans rykte, og YouTube-brukere, inkludert saksøkere, er blitt bedratt av millioner av dollar. Blant annet lettelse søker saksøker en ordre som krever at YouTube endelig skal avslutte sin skandaløse praksis med å være vertskap, promotere og tjene på disse kriminelle falske videoer og kampanjer. ”

“ Vi tar misbruk av plattformen vår på alvor, og tar raskt grep når vi oppdager brudd på retningslinjene våre, for eksempel svindel eller etterligning,“ sa en talsperson for YouTube i en uttalelse til The Verge.

Svindelaktige „gaver“ har lenge vært en funksjon i bitcoin-verdenen, men de får mer oppmerksomhet etter et nettverksdekkende hack på Twitter som utnyttet kontotilgang for å utføre svindelen i massiv skala. Forrige uke fikk hackere tilgang til kontoene til en rekke høyprofilerte brukere, inkludert Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Kanye West og Michael Bloomberg. Hackere brukte bruddkontoer for å kunngjøre falske gaver, og hevder brukere som sendte bitcoin til en oppgitt adresse ville motta dobbelt beløpet i retur. Svindelen antas å ha tjent skaperne sine nesten $ 120.000. (Youtube-svindelen, selv om den også er rettet mot eiere av bitcoin, ser ikke ut til å innebære kompromittert kontoinformasjon.)

Twitter erkjente den situasjonen omtrent en time etter at den begynte, og twitret fra støttehåndtaket, „Vi undersøker og tar skritt for å fikse det.“ Selskapet låste til slutt alle bekreftede kontoer fra tweeting mens det så på hendelsen, et tiltak som var på plass i over to timer.

„Vi føler oss alle forferdelig at dette skjedde,“ skrev Twitter-administrerende direktør Jack Dorsey senere på kvelden. „Vi diagnostiserer og vil dele alt vi kan når vi har en mer fullstendig forståelse av nøyaktig hva som skjedde.“